Current focus area


Avani is an interface of artificial intelligence , future tech for organizations to brought digital transformation with digital strategy.



LearnNet – A Learners Ecosystem.

Collabaritive Learning is most effective way of learning.

LearnNet Provides Hybrid Paradigm (Online + Offline) of Learning Across Multiple Areas . Useful for all areas, levels since a Learner not only can help some one to learn but can also seek help.

E - Drishti

E- Drishti provides video analytics based digital solutions for business requirements. For our customers, these solutions may fit into either of the areas listed [not necessarily exhaustive]:

  • Regulatory & Compliance Adherence
  • Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Security & Safety
  • Detection for Quick Response Actions
  • Restricted Area Monitoring
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Visual Inspection
  • Vision Based Control for Processes
  • Navigation for Robots
  • Intelligent Ad /Content Placement
  • Event Detection for Workflow Automation
  • Vision Based Study and Survey