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Kl is utilizing paradigms of Internet of Things(IoT), AI, Machine Learning, Computer vision, Robotics, Data Science, Deep Learning, Embedded systems, Bio-informatics and Green Tech for various use cases.  

Our wide pool of think-tank, advisors and mentors come from domains of product development, sales, R&D, industrial verticals, academic institutions and government organizations bringing more than 150 years of cumulative experience.

Teams & Open Positions


Founder & CEO

Dr. Ashutosh Dwivedi

Human Resource Manager

Dr. Neeharika Dwivedi


1.Dr. D.C. Dwivedi

2.Dr. P. K. Kalra

Advisor Team


  1. Dr Sudhir Kant
  2. Dr. Arup Sinha
  3. Dr. Gyan ranjan Biswal
  4. Ajay Verma
Ourcore Team

1.Senior System Architect – Dr. Rohit Singh

2.Developer – Rohit Kr. Yadav

3.Developer – Arunava Bhaumik

4.Senior Software Engineer – Soumya Krishnamurthy

5.Developer – Jitu Tiwary

6.Developer – Krishna Kushwaha

7.Developer – Alok Kumar Choudhary

8.Developer – Ram Kumar 

  1. Mukesh Singh
  2. R.P. Joshi

Karmaa Lab pvt. ltd

Address: CA Site No:1, Leela Palace Rd, behind Hotel, HAL 3rd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008